Bufferless Youtube!

BDIX Connected

600 Tk


Upto 10Mbps down

Upto 10Mbps up

800 Tk


Upto 12Mbps down

Upto 12Mbps up

1000 Tk


Upto 15Mbps down

Upto 15Mbps up

1200 Tk

Welcome to the home of Trishal

Welcome to the home of Trishal. We are a Internet Service provider who provide high quality communications services to many homes and business nationwide.

Our vision has alway benn, and will remain so, to provide a full range of services at affordable and fair price points, where our customers are allowed to maintain their own individual identity. We clearly have no wish to be the largest, but would like be regarded as one of the best nice people to do business with.

Why clients choose us

  1. Fast internet connect
  2. Affordable and fair price
  3. Ftp Service
  4. Online Support

+880 1733062934


Nazrul Academy Road,
Trishal, Mymensing, 2220

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We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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