There are many different marriage ceremony traditions obtainable in taiwan. These customs are meant to remember the groups of the soon-to-be husband and new bride and to faithfulness their forefathers.

The tea ceremony is a crucial part of a taiwan wedding. It’s a chance for the category of the wedding couple to pleasant their new husband and wife for their family home.

On this ceremony, the few will serve tea with each of the parents (the bride’s parents will be offered first) saying “please drink tea. ” They will then give each parent a red package filled with funds or silver jewelry as being a blessing and since an official welcome to the family.

After the tea ceremony can be complete, the couples will be invited with their reception in which they can meet up with each other’s parents and relatives. They will also be offered food and dessert.

A typical dessert can be sweet rice and funds filled with sesame paste and red beans, which is called “sweet and gross. ” That is a sign of good luck for the recently married couple.

Customarily, the bride’s and groom’s spouse and children had to put together 12 products for each other prove wedding day. These types of items were made of various kinds of merchandise, but quite often included a reddish colored envelope filled with cash or gold rings.

Prior to the wedding, the mothers belonging to the groom’s and bride’s sides would probably dress them with golden accessories and jewels. This is to show that they are formally relationship with korean woman introduced to the other peoples as well as that they will take part in it permanently.

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