Beyond widening your professional network, LinkedIn allows you to tailor your searches to remote work. LinkedIn also allows you to personalize your profile and job-seeking status, so employers can see in real time if you’re available for work and looking for remote opportunities. Without face-to-face contact and a traditional office environment, it can be challenging for some people to stay excited about the work they’re doing remotely. To show a future employer that you’ll have staying power despite being physically on your own, you need to show that you’re motivated—about the job, the company, and the industry. Before you go after that position, you need to know how to shine when you’re looking for a remote job. Of course, all the standard job search rules apply—have an updated and proofread resume, make sure your social media is squeaky clean, and have well thought-out questions for the interview.

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Take Sick Days

Our preferred choice are the beautiful yet surprisingly powerful BeoPlay P6 by Bang & Olufsen. They are easy to carry around and offer excellent sound quality. They also come with an integrated microphone if you want to host a conference call with multiple people on your end. We love Logitec’s mouses so much that our suggested alternative is the Master 2S little sister, the MX Anywhere 2S that comes in a slightly smaller size so it’s easier to pack if you’re travelling. Apple’s latest 16”MacBook Pro is our preferred choice for a computer to work from home.

  • We love Logitec’s mouses so much that our suggested alternative is the Master 2S little sister, the MX Anywhere 2S that comes in a slightly smaller size so it’s easier to pack if you’re travelling.
  • While the prospect of working in pajamas can be appealing (and more comfortable!), remote jobs also bring a new set of challenges when it comes to time management, workplace communication, and teamwork.
  • It is especially important to make time for the things you love.
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  • The best way to ask to work from home is in a genuine, personal way that is backed up by evidence.

To organize your home office, start by thinking carefully about what you absolutely need on your desk to be productive on a daily basis. Make a list of the items you need and start building up your home office with the larger items first, such as your desk, chair, and monitor. We begin this guide with a short and practical checklist to let you plan your home office quickly and efficiently. Next, we give you ideas and inspiration to elevate your workspace with the 27 essentials to work from home at peak productivity.

Why do people really want to work from home?

As many home-based employees will tell you, it’s not easier to work from home; it’s just a different location. For starters, you can only deduct for a home office if you are working freelance or as a contractor. Since the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), you can no longer deduct non-reimbursed work expenses if you are an employee, including any home office deduction. That makes it especially important to try to get extra costs covered by your employer.

Loneliness, disconnect, and isolation are common problems in remote work life, especially for extroverts. Companies with a remote work culture usually offer ways to socialize. For example, they might have channels in a team messaging app, like Slack, for talking about common interests or organizing meetups for people in the same region. If your job entails taking old-fashioned phone calls, set up a phone number that you only use for calls with colleagues and clients. It doesn’t have to be a landline or a second mobile phone, or even require a SIM card. The percentage of professional jobs in North America that will be remote by the end of 2022.

Schedule time for yourself

When your personal and professional lives intertwine at home, external interruptions during work hours are inevitable—understandably so. That said, you can also take steps to limit distractions as much as possible. Visualizing your tasks can help you stay on track and get things done on time. If you start the day with a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, it’ll help you focus on finishing one task at a time and prevent multitasking.

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